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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 18, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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likely begin classes at that middle school sometime after the holidays in january. >> a candle light vigil for the victims will be held in pleasanton tonight from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. dennis drive. we'll have a live report from that vigil tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> some raising the question should teachers be armed to prevent a shooting? some say yes, but the head of the teacher union says a resounding no. dennis kill kely says schools [p($:d to be a sanctuary from guns and violence. >> classroomc&ld be a safe place. introducing guns into a school introducing guns into a classroom, violates that very idea. >> the 6,000 member teacher union will weigh in tomorrow, united educators will vote on a resolution supporting or attorneying down legislation calling for stricter control autos in response to the
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tragedy a sporting goods chain says it plans to pull certain types of rifles from shelves nationwide. dick's sporting goods says its making this move out of respect for victim families. investigators are looking into whether the suspect tried to purchase a gun from a dick's store. the closest to the bay area is located in modesto. >> police say they will pursue charges against a man for making criminal threats about the shooting. officers arrested him. police say on&0+ábou friday hed comments supporting the shooter saying he thought about plotting a similar attack. he's posted an apology. stay with us for continuing coverage of the school'qmi shooting tragedy. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will bring updates tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. you can sign up for breaking news arerts on 6 abc 7 >> turning to weather now,
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temperatures dropping this, is going to be one of the coldest nights of the year. >> yes. we're sure it's going to be a coldest night sh this season, so far, you can see skies are clear, later in the week, big concern is the cold. a freeze warning is in effect from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. temperatures expected to drop in that area, freeze damage to crops and vegetation is a possibility. much of the remainder of the bay area is under frost advise riz from 3:00 to 8:00. low temperatures in those areas from upper 20s to mid-30s just above freezing in place that's will not be below freezing. sensitive outdoor plants may be at risk. now, how does this compare to the coldest night of the year? we're going to be cold but tonight in santa rosa.
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21, january 17th, 19 in napa on that date. it will be a cold night, but not quite a night that will be challenging for the position of the coldest night of the year, we have many other changes coming our way. >> thank you. as spencer just mentioned temperatures can kill plants and freeze pipes. >> abc 7 news is joining us live from petta luma. it's going to be -- well, there is tj winnik. there is keira. you're all bundled up. it's going to be cold in petaluma. >> yes. it is cold. it's windy dw. afternoon. there is a freeze warning here for petaluma tomorrow morning from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. frez rez dents used to it but they're still preparing covering their plants and outdoor pipes and today, i got a lesson at cottage gardens in covering young plants to protect them from what is called a killing frost. young plants under three years old more sus september dwroibl
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die from frost. also, tender plants like succulents and young vegetable gardens can be vulnerable in temperatures below 32. insulating later and can increase temperatures by 15 degrees, recommended to water plants before temperatures drop at night, and hydrated plants retain heat better, then, cover plants before night fall. >> by covering them you don't want the frost cloth to be on top of the plant. you want it raised up a little bit. so what we'd use is like bamboo stakes and draipt cloth over that. >> take off the cloth next morning to increase air circulation allowing the plant to get the warmth of the sun. if do youz&ehnow it's going to be cold, you can just leave on the cloth. you can also use umbrellas to shield from frost or just haum
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them under eves of the home. i talked to a local plumber today, he's very busy today, we talked to him about covering outdoor pipes and i'll have that, coming up at >> some people like the cold. like in tahoe, ski row sorts gearing up for a white christmas this year. the natural base is already better than it's been in years. see operations able to open more runs, they expect more snow to make one of the best ski seasons in a decade. forecasters say two more storms on the way will dump more snow before the holiday week. >> and take a look at this, an elderly driver got himself into an unusual predicament jamming his car on this pathway it happened on the sir francis drake onramp. the chp first called a tow truck to try to dislodge the car, then, an officer climbed through and got into the driver's seat, and with
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scratching and scraping was able to get it out of the ramp. the 87-year-old driver told abc 7 news he was on the way to get an eye exam at the department of motor vehicles and got confused. poor guy. >> police are investigating a different kind of smash and grab robbery in a video games store. the thief drove through windows of the game stop around 4:00 in the morning. police say the driver stole several items including used cell phones investigators may be able to trace. they think the car could be stolen. employees since worded up this store. >> a developing sink hole causing traffic problems in the city of clayton. >> one lane over eight miles is just reopened after being closed last night. the contra costa county public works department discovered this sink hole near morgan territory road. crews working to stabilize the surface expected to take up to a week to fix. >> they have steel plates coming to place over roads.
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we're looking at getting them about 20 feet long to span the cavity. and... we're hopeful that that would mitigate the immediate hazard until where he have time to get a contractor on word. >> now, local traffic is allowed to use thised room heavy vehicles are being rerouted. >> westfield shopping sent jer back open today. and there is a flue fire, the fire department says it broke out in a restaurant just after 8:30. the westfield theater evacuated and no word yet on a cause of the fire. >> well, pg&e still making w pipeline explosion. one of them is separating the gas and electric operations. >> gas operations will be head quarters in san ramone. abc 7 news was there for an update. >> pg&e consolidating gas controls into one location in san ramone, today, inviting empty shell, but by next year, it and another
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building will have 1600 people once spread out at a number of different location as cross the bay area, these are the people who keep the gas system running smoothly, and who have to respond in case of an emergency. the consolidation is a lesson from 2010 san bruno explosion where confusion in the control center contributed to a slow response. the new center will have]> happening now in west oakland a rally to save liberty hall. a national landmark for the people of oakland. property on the 1400 block of 8th street is known as the marcus grafshy building. it's the current home of the
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nonprofit overcomers with hope. it was sold to a hedge fund. >> oakland police chief seems to have received more than his share of bad news this year. >> today, he got a break from that and a big thank you from school students. >> abc 7 was there. >> happening now, here in oakland, police chief gets a bunch of thank yous that, is something that doesn't happen every day. letters of gratitude from a group of second graders. the letters written in september, the kids thankful to the police for protecting them, keeping their city safe. the chief said when he read them, he couldn't resist thanking the kids himself, in person, and today, did he just that. >> this is important to come out to let them know that their letters didn't end up on a desk and someone else reads it. i read all of them and was very moved by it.
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i wanted to thank them, they took time to write it. i thought it's important to take time to respond back to them. >> coming up at 6:00 why not every student in oakland is grateful to the chief. in oakland abc 7 news. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 facebook responds to outchange over a plan to change terms of instagram. >> and one technology supplier beats expectations. >> first, taking a look at traffic right now on the san francisco skyway.f@2> it's really heavy out there. be prepared to wait. stay with us. abc 7 news
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instagram backed off service that was released yesterday. >> the policy stated koit share user pictures, likeness and information with facebook that, information could then be used for advertising through both serviceej9ñ autos after anger owe online, today, instagra m announced it will issue a new policy on the wlog, the co-founder says there is misinformation about changes and says there is no intent to sell user photos. the plan to create advertising based on interests. he said instagram does not own user photo autos neels ongeting into radio. cloud software giving ora cell a big boost. >> that and more on this afternoon's bloomberg after the bell report.
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>> ora cell after the bell and the company generated $4 billion in profit on sales of more than $9 kbrinl. both numbers topped analyst estimates. customers have been adding cloud computing software that can be accessed online, and that is helping offset weakness in hardware business much came through sun micro kiss sis tims. and ora cell has continued to gobble up cloud, that will have workday. as for hardware business, larry ellis calling it one of the most profitible accusations ora cell ever made. >> google may be closer to resolving it's antitrust fight. the eu kmet tigs commissioner says he expects google to make an offer next month. moving to tv ratings, neels
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onsex tending a reach into buy arbitron. and time inc named marla nelson the first editor in chief. she will have control over a wide range of magazines including time, people and "sports illustrated" as time has been trying to grow digital revenue. take a look at markets, stocks closing higher on signs of progress and hope the president obama and  reach an agreement on the new budget. and as for your bloomberg silicon valley index, apple and intel helping end the day higher, google ventures higher, google ventures releasedfílw calling 2012 a successful year. the firm invested in 150 companies and grew reserve fund to $300 million.
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general partner david crane gave insight into the strategy. >> we have a bias towards probably not seeing enough deals for doing enough transactions. we tend to do about 50 or 60 seed investments per year. and this year we've achieve that had milestone, having introduced more than 50 new companies in 2012. >> and a number of companies google venture invested in or sold this year include hipster, aol and buffer box. bloomberg studios in san back to you. >> we can see it's nice out there right now. but it's going to be cool it is. it's going to be cold. >> you can feel the chismt it's beautiful, sunny day. but getting chilly breezy and
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gusty as well. here is a live view looking down on to the bai. you can see the way the cram is shaking there that this is pretty breezy right now. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. so we don't have precipitation in the area now. that comes later, temperatures dropping skpin creasing winds. thisumu0ñ hour, temperatures into low 50s and this dropped below 50 in santa rosa. and as mentioned it's breezy out there. winds gusting to 32 miles per hour now at sfo. and half moon bay, 25 miles per hour gusts in hayward, 24 in concord. so get getting windy around the bay area. we'll see frost overnight, sunny, cool tomorrow, and then, rainy pattern beginning on thursday that, continues several day was just waves of
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rain coming our way. tonight how cold will it be? down to 26 degrees in napa. 27 in santa rosa. cold around the north bay there. especially interior valleys in the east bay as well. lows 30s in livermore, 32 concord, down south, 30 will be the low at morgan hill, so chilly around the bay area, looking at the satellite image, you can see high pressure control right now. take a look how far south jet stream dips bringing that cold air are from the gulf down into our area. so clear, cold overnight, then, after this cold snap a wet spell coming. this frontal system brings a next bout of rainfall arriving thursday so. let'sp(9+ñ begin or animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning afternoon. at which point, most of the bay area will be dry. but we'll see sprinkles of rain, then, during evening and late night hours wednesday, we'll see rain confined to the
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north bay, and far north as well. around sonoma county. but by u$b$qñ thursday morning we'll see rainfall pushing south ward down towards golden gate, then, during the day, we'll see rain squeezing south ward. as afternoon and evening rush begins we'll see heavier rain in the north bay beginning to sweep south ward. during overnight hours, into bay area will get wet friday morning. so 5:00 friday morning at which point rainfall totals could be up to four inches and one to two inches into the north bay. maybe as much as half an inch in the east bay. two tenths in the south bay. in the sierra, winter storm watch from thursday afternoon to saturday afternoon, we can see two to five feet of snow. several inches in lower elevations. in the bay area, chill is on. high temperatures into low 50s much of the bay area.
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down near monterey bay, low to mid-50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain beginning on thursday, continuing on friday. and saturday, rain rain, shourks sunday, drying out monday, christmas eve. dry weather will be a nice gift and we think it will stay dry. it's go tok a very wet spell. >> thank you. >> the queen of england tends a meeting and makes history. some people are not happy about this. why, just ahead. >> daniel day lewis gets another honor n los angeles, coming up a look at the promising road to the oscars. >> at 4:21 a live look at conditions, right side of the screen is northbound traffic. looks like everybody is moving at the limit. stay with us.
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queen elizabeth became britain's first monarch to sit in on a cabinet meeting. her visit raised eye brows for appearing to blur the line between government and monarchy. officials say she paid a visit to honor her 60 years on the
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thrown. the queen performs formal duties related to government but must remain neutral on political matter autos staying with the british theme, actor tom hardy makes it to the top of a popularity list. >> awards show buzz surrounding daniel day lewis.#'j here is rachel smith. >> actor daniel day lewis receive aid golden globe, sa zb. critic's choice nomination for "lincoln". today, yet another recognition. a film festival announced it will give it's montecito award, in january. if lewis goes on to get a oscar it will be a fifth. and if he wins it will be his third. actor tom harding is the year's most-viewed person on imdb. this year, i starred in the rg
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this means war. the silver lining play book star, jennifer lawrence came in second. now, power couple david and victoria beckham. romo appears in the burberry campaign sutd up for april showers, for more entertainment news go to i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a friend of the connecticut gunman gives insight into the killer. >> and fighting fire with fire. the state thinks it can prevent shoot attacks by arming teachers. >> also, a decision today about possible criminal charges against the mistress and former cia director davidizn petraeus. >> considering options we've got video confused but we'll tell you about the president, his efforts to sweeten the deal to avoid the fiscal
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cliff. cliff. we'll let you know and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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in connecticut today funerals took place for two 6-year-old victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre, now, we're learn
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morgue about the killer from a former friend. ways freshman where lanza was a sophomore, both members of the tech club. >> very intelligent person. just like the way he acted around other people was just very with draub drawn, and just quiet. he had a nerd look. like you know khaki pants, belt, tucked in shirt. he had little computer hit. -- kit like a brief case instead of a backpack and a pocket protector. at one point he was a good kid. the event he did that day, may have been evil. before then, he -- he was just another kid. >> he says he lost touch when lanza left high school for home schooling. >> officials in texas including the governor, rick pee$ prevent school shootings.
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governor perry says knee jerk gun control legislation snot the answer. he thinks teachers should be allowed to carry weapons as long as they have proper training. >> good if you go through the process skpru been dually backgrounded and trained and you're a concealed handgun license carrying individual, you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state. >> the superintendent of the school district in hairl, texas agree was perry. in 2007 his district adopted a policy allowing teacher was a concealed handgun license to carry a gun with them to school. he says in this case making sense because closest law enforcement agency is 30 minutes away. >> we need to be here to protect our children not four, five minutes from now. we need to protect them now with an active shooter. >> the superintendent says there have been no gun
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incidents since that was passed. >> new signs out of washington today that republicans and democrats are working together to come to a solution to avoid the fiscal cliff. abc 7 news is in washington with the latest. >> back and forth continued today two.bcuides not close to a final deal. house speaker john boehner says he continues to work with the president but keeping handy a plan b, extending the bush tax cuts for everybody making less than $1 million. >> having a back up plan to make sure few taxpayers were affected by this increase as possible. moving down that path is the right course of action for us. >> after meeting with boehner yesterday, the president sweetened his offer including $1.2 trillion in tax increases down from the offer of $1.6 trillion. extending tax cuts for every
4:32 pm
american earning less than0oñ $400,000 a year, instead of $250,000. limiting amount of cost of living increases for social security recipients and a two year extension on the debt ceiling. >> the president has come halfway, republicans have come about this far. so we're close. the president demonstrated his reasonableness. >> but boehner says that is not quite the balance republicans are looking for. >> i made it clear to the president boy put a trillion dollars of revenue on the table. if you're willing to put spending reductions on the table. >> some house republicans grumbled because they're opposedwm any tax increases. >> justice department announced it's dropping its investigation into whether stress stalked a romantic
4:33 pm
rival online. a lawyer said no federal charges will be brought related to quote alleged acts of cyber stalking. the retired general stepped down last month after admitting he add the affair. the scandal came to light after an e mail warning kelly to stay away allegedly from petraeus. >> if you're planning to drive dx after a night out the patrol has a question. are you okay? there is a fleet of are you okay cabs parked in front of bars and restaurants to remind drivers they have option that's do not include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> someone says are you okay after you've been drinking, odds are, you're not. 28% of all traffic deaths are dui.
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this is unacceptable. >> in adoigs these cop cabs agencies will be deploying traditional tactics, including at least 325 check points and high profile saturation patrol autos now, you can read one copy of the 10 commandments on line. the bay area company behind the did dead sea scroll project autos long debate about the safety of airport security screening machines will finally be answered by science. >> we can see sunny skies/q@4p, tomorrow morning, it's going to be frosty in spo.s i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another live look at traffic now. this is the approach tolt golden gate bridge. traffic heavier than what you might expect. nice if you're driving into
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we have some breaking news for you. sky 7 is live over police action that is taking place in san leeand crow. we've seen several officers carrying rifles at pelton plaza on east 14th street swrechl a crew arriving now. it appears to be an attempted bank robbery at u.s. bank. the police are inside of the bank right now. we'll have updates as soon as they've they've become available here on abc 7=91gñ
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online. it contains important texts and a portion of the first chapter of the book of genisis. >> they're authorized to handle dead sea scrolls. as of today, everyone around the globe will be able to touch the scrolls on screen. this movieses years that only allowed small circles of scholars to view the manuscripts. we have a link on our web site. click on see it on tv.
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let's get an update on the forecast now. >> it's clear now. cloud free, precipitation-free but that allows cold air to filter n it's about to do that. let's see, here we go. take a look at nationwide conditions tomorrow, will be snowing out will be mild for this time of the year. there is some precipitation on the pacific northwest. here tomorrow, mixed bag. sunny, mild conditions in the south. up north we'll have some snow building over the northern part of the sierra. interest and here in the bay area, sunny skies, clouds start this thicken. rainfall tonight. during daytime will be dry. more clouds up north. will be a cool day with highs
4:41 pm
ranging from low to mid-50s. and we'll see high temperatures in upper 40s tomorrow thark will be last dry day. i'll tell but rain coming our way. how long that is going to last at 5:00. >> this is really spencer. >> if you'd rather from fries than turkey or dinner, one chain is staying open for you. >> amazing images of what can happen when there is too much rain. a look at the rain. >> also, a south bay city under fire for approving a gun store. why
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check out this amazing scene north of seattle yesterday. here it comes. days of rain forced a hillside to give way, tending a wall of mud into a freight train derailing seven cars. the cars carrying various types of freight, including chemicals used in cleaning supplies and fertilizer no, threat to public health, we're told. tracks expected to remain closed for freight and passenger trains into tomorrow this, is just the latest in
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mudslides on this section of track. >> the federal government slapped toyota with a record $17 million fine for failing to report questions and delaying a safety recall. the national transportation safety board says toyota failed to report problem was the lexus suvs this year, auto makers required to report problems within five days of discovering them, toyota fined four times in two years for similar infraction autos popular group of toys is under recall today, these toys expand when placed in water sold underwater balls, growing skulls, h 20 orbs and fabulous flowers. they can expand to 400 times their size underwater. that is a problem if a child swallows one, liquid in the body will cause them to expand. >> fall out from connecticut tragedy creating controversy over opening of a los gatos
4:46 pm
sport ggs store. some upset about the guns that that store would sex we have more from los gatos. the topic took over the town council meeting. >> i can't sleep at night now because of what happened on the east coast. >> some residents are imagining something like that happening in their community if the store opens saturday on university avenue. among offerings, high end, custom guns. >> at town that i know, i feel as though we should have talked about this, we talked about everything else, seems like this would have been a big moment in time. >> this mayor called in a council to consider a conditional use permit at the february 4th meeting. the town manager says the grand opening can not be stopped by the city. >> the section of the town code regulating this area was last amendmented in 1987.
4:47 pm
it doesn't give the town any restrictions to review or hold a public hearing on a retailer that wants to sell firearm autos roughly half of those won a ban in los gatos support a change toboro vid more oversight of store that's do sell guns. >> some guys for a long time, and they're outstanding citizens have invested their live here, they care about communities. >> those supportive of the store with conditions. >> that would be my hope that. if they're into hunting and fishing, then let them sell hunting and fishing. nobody shoots deer with an ak 15. >> the sporting goods store still plans to have a grand opening saturday but opponents looking forward to that town hall meeting when they hope to have voices heard, again.
4:48 pm
>> mcdonalds is urging restaurants to stay open with no special overtime for employees. according to a memo the chain is hoping to repeat the success it had on thanksgiving, when the 1200 franchises that stayed open grossed $36 million. the christmas day burger bounty is estimated to run $84 million. >> still on the fast food front if you're a pepsi fan you and like chicken have we got the snack for you. pepsi and frito lay teamed up for pepsi chicken potato chips, supposedly tasting something like a sugary barbecue chip. popularity of cooking chicken in coala. it's not the first regional cuisine potato chip. it sells a salty watermelon flavor in;q> no go. but i'm not going there. >> it's an acquired taste, i believe.
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>> putting tests to the test. >> open book, closed book? cheat sheet? one university study makes a surprising finding about the most effective way to learn. also ahead... all they want for christmas is a lot of cash. why this school district hopes that the mayor will agree. live in city hall, the story is ahead. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00, kicking for a cause, bay area karate instructor who grew up in newtown, connecticut. he's finding a unique way to give back to family who's suffered such a great loss. and a simple way you can help a local school help find a campus garden. >> now, here is a lack at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> tonight on world news, there is a big backlash underway tonight against
4:50 pm
people profiting from selling assault weapons and chris kuomo brings us this story. including california teachers that want to pull investment funds out of investments like this. storms north of you. everyone trying to plot travel. we'll tell people how to we'll tell people how to travel for holidays, you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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a study finds one in six people follows no religious beliefs. the study says 16% of the world population has no official religious afillation. christians remain largest religious group world wide, 32% of the population, followed by muslims, comprising 23% of the population, hindus making up 15%, 7% of the world's population is buddhist. san francisco mayor being asked by some to give the school district a present this holiday season.
4:54 pm
an infusion of cash to fund programs for stugeling students. carolyn? >> a measure to give more than $2 million passed the board of supervisors. they did that this month. but there is a big chunk of that money that is controversial. with some supervisors and the mayor and may not get final approval3r[gç. these students came to city hall to sing christmas carols and acoding to their direct yes, to express preegsation for mayor ed lee. some are hoping that the mayor with city money. >> all schools need more money. it's ay travesty we're down to bare bones. >> juniors athe school and
4:55 pm
others district wide must now meet new academic requirements in order to graduate in 2014. data indicates 45% of the students under danger. the supervisor is one of the co-spon sponsors taking $840,000 from reserves to pay for efforts like night classes and counselors to try to get failing students back on track. >> we're facing a crisis now and believe that that requires that we do something beyond what is being done for the district. >> the school district is independent from the city. supervisor mark farrell believes the city should not dip into reserves. >> this current estimate is that it's going to cut $30 to $40.
4:56 pm
it's irresponsible. >> a ban about $1.4 million, no one is questioning that. in question is $840,000. a final vote coming next month. live in san francisco, at city hall, abc 7 news. >> students learning as much as they do from a traditional test with less stress according to a study done in marin county. two gave exams some allowing cheat sheets. two weeks later all students gots a pop quiz and it turns out there is no difference in the scores. no matter what type of test they'd taken n a separate test, taking closed book exams reported higher pretest stress levels. the study published in journal psychology research. and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:57 pm
the news at 5:00 begins right new. >> evidence, destroyed why we may never know what is going through the mind of the gunman in the shootings. we'll have more team coverage. more young victims are buried today. >> i'll show you where temperatures will drop coming up. >> and appointment this driver was heading to when he ended up on a bike path, jammed in, going the wrong way. >> sky 7 is live over a u.s. us bank where police are investigating an attempted bank robbery this evening. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and we're going start with that live, breaknng news.5h >> mark matthews is live with the very latest on this, mark? >> this u.s. bank about 4:00 today man walked into the bank, passed a note to a teller,
4:58 pm
they believed weigh e.was armed. police responded immediately. we rolled up there were dozens of police cars around here and people with vests and guns standing outside of the bank. here is the lieutenant tenant randy brant. >> we'll hopefully get that for you, shortly. when they rolled up they were certain robber was still inside. he told us that the police were so sure of that because they're on the phone with people inside of the bank at the time describing what is going on. the police came into the bank, they didn't find the suspect and they pulled over outside of the bank. so far therk have not been able to catch whoever it was that was inside and describing him as well, let's hear from randy brant. >> there is hearing in
4:59 pm
realtime what is going on as far as on the phone. and so the suspect probably about to enter at that time. >> but think did not catch him, they have not caught him yet. there is still police interviewing witnesses. now, they're describing hims a man in his 20s. either hispanic or african american. it's sketchy at this point. there are a half dozen interviewing dwrerls and witnesses inside ofh7]e the bank at the time. >> thank you. >> national rifle association broke silence today. >> that is right. pledging to make sure that this never happens again. nra promises to reveal details so we shall see. more young victims laid to rest today. abc 7 news is live tonight from new town, connecticut.


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